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Qualifications / Income Limits

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Need for housing

There Must Be A Demonstrated Need In Order To Qualify For A Habitat Home.

  • Structural problems in the home?
  • Inadequate sleeping arrangements?
  • Unsanitary conditions or health risks?
  • Temporary or transitional housing?
  • Current housing does not meet needs?
  • Unable to obtain a mortgage from a bank?
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Ability to pay

A family must have the ability to pay their interest free monthly mortgage payment.


  • a steady, reliable source of income and demonstrate financial responsibility.
  • the ability to pay a monthly house payment
  • the ability to pay monthly utility bills.
  • no recent bankruptcies within the past 2 years.
  • no liens or judgments on their credit.
  • no outstanding collections that cannot be paid down by the completion of the home build.
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Willingness to partner

Families must be willing to partner and follow the guidelines of the Habitat program.

  • Help on their home and other’s home called “sweat equity”.
  • Attend home buyer education classes.
  • Willing to avoid new debt in process.
  • Make house payment in a timely manner and maintain the home.
  • Make down payment and start-up utility fees.
  • Communicate with Habitat staff by answering calls, texts, and emails in a timely manner.

Click on the pages below to print or download income limits for Stanly & Montgomery Counties.